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Drunk and Scared is the brainchild of Kenna and Griffin, two hellbound gorehounds with literally nothing better to do than drink and argue about horror movies. Twice a month, Kenna and Griffin sit at their kitchen table and discuss a horror-related topic while drinking thematically appropriate booze. In between each episode, they fill this website with articles, upcoming events, reviews, recipes, rants, and pretty much anything that doesn't make the show. The goal of Drunk and Scared is to critically analyze and comment on the horror genre in a way that proves horror's cultural significance and help other horror fans think about the movies they love (and maybe hate) on a deeper level, all while hammered. Drunk and Scared is equal parts film theory, analysis, humor, and whiskey. Episodes of Drunk Scared are released every other Friday here, Spotify, and Buzzsprout. All artwork (and wit) for is created and provided by Kenna. All music is created and provided by Griffin. 

Meet Kenna, Halloween Queen

Kenna is a film scholar, unemployed English professor, comic book expert, punk, brewer, and struggling writer of weird and fucked up fiction. She has a BA and an MA in English, and recently dropped out of her film studies PhD program to focus on napping and beer. Raised on an unhealthy diet of Stephen King, Vincent Price, and George Romero, horror is Kenna's first and most passionate love. She'll watch just about anything once (yes, even Birdemic), but she particularly loves slashers and monster movies. Kenna has six cats, but doesn't live alone, which makes it less sad. And she's been in seven bar fights, but only lost one (and that was a sucker punch so it doesn't count).


Always vulgar, always anxious, always hungry.

Meet Griffin, King of the Ghouls

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Griffin is a long time lover of literature, especially horror, thanks to his rather young introduction to the genre by his mother and a copy of The Dead Zone by Stephen King and his father showing him the movie Fright Night. His father, when Mom objected to him seeing the movie said, "He's too young to understand what is going on." Little did he know how big of an influence that movie was. He prefers night time walks in a cemetery to getting sand everywhere. He has a B.S. in Genetics and an M.S.P.S. in Biotechnology. 

And yes, that is "S.S.D.D" tattooed across the fingers of his left hand.

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