• Griffin


Updated: Aug 1, 2019


I grew up in Tennessee, going fishing with my father, hanging out at places where tall tales are spun, and my young impressionable mind was ready to believe just about anything. I picked up this book on the recommendation of Paul Tremblay in his recent GQ interview and I'm going to try to not spoil it, because you need to get a copy, right now.

The story is centered around Abe, who had recently lost his wife, and his fishing partner, Dan, who go search out new fishing spots together, with one of those streams having mystic proportions that few people have heard of, much less fished. Why they go there and what happens are best told straight from the pages of the book.

This is by far one of the best damn books I have ever read. I think part of it's allure was that my upbringing included hearing tales of the things that happen in the woods, in the deep waters, where no one is around to see, hear, or help you.

The Fisherman is perfect. READ IT!

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