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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Welcome to Drunk and Scared. We're a brand new horror talk podcast and website launching this summer - the glorious, way too fucking humid summer of 2019. Drunk and Scared is your new destination for frighteningly intelligent, disturbingly drunk analysis and discussion of all things horror. The first episode of Drunk and Scared will be available Thursday, July 25th at 5 pm on this website under PODCAST up at the top of your page, but you'll also be able to find us at Buzzsprout and, yes, even Spotify. Google "drunk and scared" and you'll probably find us. Just don't look at Google Images of "drunk and scared". Highly not recommended. So, yes. This is the introductory/announcement/obligatory starting out post to tell you who we are and what we're about. Let's get to it, fiends and foes.


So, welcome to Drunk and Scared, the podcast where two hellbound gorehounds get fucked up and talk, reminisce, review, and yes, that’s right, throw down argue about all things horror. Your horror hosts for this journey are Kenna and Griffin, and to learn more about us, click ABOUT above. (Or stalk us from the bushes. We're really into that.) Why the drinking? Well, first, we’re both much more charming and way funnier that way. Second, we both really like booze. Beer. Bourbon. Wine. You name it, we drink it. And third, we record these episodes in the middle of the night after doing a buttload of research and writing, so by this point in the process we actually need a drink. Or several drinks.

And why horror? We both believe that horror, all genre fiction, in fact – whether it’s literature, film, art, whatever – is often misunderstood as lowbrow, unintelligent, and basically just pulp. With the exception of a few key horror movies – Psycho, Carrie, that kind of stuff – horror is just titties and blood, right?


(Although, titties and blood are also awesome.)

Horror is the direct product of the culture that produced it. Horror movies tell us so much about ourselves, what we value, what we’re scared of, what’s going on in our culture right now. Also, it clearly does have cultural value and significance because it’s a huge industry and it’s all over the big and small screen at the moment. In 2017, Get Out grossed $176,040,665 in the US, $255,457,364 worldwide. That’s twice as much as Ghost in the Shell from the same year, that racist Hollywood mainstream garbage film that ruined one of the best animes of all time. And Ghost in the Shell had a massive budget, $110,000,000. What did Get Out have for a budget? $5,000,000. Okay, so same year, 2017, It had a budget of $35,000,000 and grossed $327,481,748 US, $700,381,748 worldwide. Also in 2017, Dunkirk, a truly incredible important film about one of the most significant battles of World War II, brought to you by the inimitable mind of Christopher Nolan, had a budget of $100,000,000, grossed $50,513,488 in the US, $525,573,161 worldwide. The point we're trying to make is that horror movies are making just as much, if not way more money at the box office than big shitty Hollywood blockbusters and critically-acclaimed “serious” films. In capitalist society (and Kenna is frequently going to talk about capitalism in the podcast), the individual’s power is wherever we spend our money. The fact that we are choosing horror suggests that it means something to us and we want to support it.

So, what we’re trying to do on Drunk and Scared is to analyze and offer critical commentary on the horror genre to prove what we believe – that horror is immensely culturally significant. We want to help our listeners understand the films you guys love on a deeper level. And we also just want to have a really good time talking about things we’re obsessed with. This podcast is going to be equal parts film theory, movie history, analysis, review, and booze.

Each episode will be structured around a theme. It could be slashers, it could be race and horror, it could be Satanic Panic. Whatever we choose, we're going to talk about some film theory and some social theory and then use those theories to talk about one or several important horror movies. Oh, and we're going to be drinking thematically appropriate booze before, during, and probably after the show. So, for instance, if we're talking about Stephen King, we might be drinking rye Red Rum or Children of the Cornmash whiskey or a frothy Cujo cocktail. Whatever we decide to drink, we will 100% drink too much. We are willing to make that sacrifice for y'all.


Look, we have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. And not all of those things are going to make the show. So the website kind of gives us space to write about those other things. Our website is going to offer you a number of things. We're going to give you movie and product reviews, cocktail and movie food recipes, horror movie news and updates, recommended thematic movie lists (you know you need a list of the best Easter horror movies), and general discussion of the shit we love.

It's really important that we also mention a critical role our site plays. Accompanying each episode will be a list of our sources and references. Because we're research nerds, it's very important to us that we cite where our ideas are coming from. Plus, if we reference a movie, actor, or director you've never heard of, we want you to be able to look it up. We're calling these reference lists THE BREAKDOWN. If there's any article or person or theory we mention that you want to check out, or if you just wanna fact check us, you'll be able to check each reference by looking at the time stamp on the episode and cross referencing it with the corresponding BREAKDOWN list. We're also open to suggestions. If there's anything you think we should look at (or if you want to yell at us), shoot us an email at info@drunkandscared.com, click our CONTACT tab, or scream into the void. One of us will get back to you as soon as we're sober enough to type.

While you eagerly await our first podcast episode, keep checking back here. We're going to keep writing and posting thoughts as we get ready for the full release. And don't forget to check out our social media pages to stay totally up to date with what we're doing. And remember to come back at 5 pm on Thursday, July 25th to listen to our inaugural episode. We'll see you in hell, fiends. Cheers.

Kenna and Griffin

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