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Rolling into a booty call with an ex like...

Watching: The Exorcist (1973)

Drinking: Right Proper Brewing Company's Senicruiser foeder-aged saison with grape pomace

So, Drunk and Scared went on our first field trip today. There aren't many benefits to living in southern Maryland - the pot holes are basically sink holes, everyone here is fucking obsessed with Old Bay, and no one knows how to use turning signals. However, the one benefit we've found so far (apart from the fact that we're only about an hour away from John Waters, in Baltimore) is that the famous steps from The Exorcist, the ones Father Karras tumbles down in the film, are located just a couple of miles away in Georgetown, a disgustingly affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

You'd think these steps would have an interesting history. I mean, they look pretty fucking creepy. And they're very steep. And they don't seem to serve any practical purpose. Surely there's got to be something going on there.

Nope. Nothing. The steps were apparently built in 1895 alongside the Car Barn, which used to operate cable cars. There doesn't seem to be much reason why the steps are so steep and creepy from what I've read and apparently the locals thought the steps and the Car Barn were a sort of blight on the pretty landscape around them. They're only real claim to fame is the infamous scene in The Exorcist.

That being said, that scene has made these steps so famous that in 2015 the mayor of DC declared them an official DC landmark because of the tourist attention they draw. Which is kind of weird, since they're just steps. No one died on them. No weird shit happens at them. They're not even haunted, for fuck's sake.

But, it turns out, the mayor was right. We weren't the only people there trying to get a couple of photos. It's a pretty hoppin' spot, apparently.

Dear tourists...

Once we were sick of trying to get a few photos without dickbag tourists in the way, we headed to the Right Proper taproom and production house in Brookland for a couple of beers. Right Proper was actually the first brewery we went to when we moved up here from Texas a few months ago, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Plus, the beer is phenomenal. Sour and funky beer haven't really come to the DC Metro area yet, but Right Proper usually has a few on tap because they're clearly ahead of the game. We recommend Ravaged by Wolves IPA with brettanomyces, Baron Corvo rustic bier de garde, and Senicruiser foeder-aged saison with grape pomace. Also, the Brookland location has a motherfucking bad ass mural covering every wall depicting animals getting revenge on humans. We're particularly fond of the penguin army descending on the couple in the park and the monkeys wheeling the Great White shark down main street, keeping him moist with a garden hose. Check back tomorrow for some interesting shit from Kenna as she talks about the Satan-obsessed movies of the 60s and 70s. The Second Vatican Council, birth control pills, the Vietnam War, the assasination of JFK and Martin Luther King... Shit's gonna get weird. See you tomorrow, fiends.


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